Why i use wordpress

Why I Use WordPress To Build Websites

WordPress is my chosen CMS, i’ve tried other CMS’s but there is nothing as flexible and easy to use as this, which is why its the most common CMS used online. I use wordpress as blogging and CMS software for almost all my websites, with very few exceptions. Here are a few of the specific reason why I am such a WordPress fan boy, and why you should be too.<!–more>

Also just as a side note, i’m very aware this is my third WordPress site in a row, i’ll calm down on the WP posts!

Anyway, back to the matter in hand.

What is WordPress?

Those who don’t know what is wordpress, here it is: WordPress is the most popular and most powerful blogging tool, powered by PHP and MySQL.

It’s Free, Truely Free

WordPress is truely free and open source. You’ll never be charged for using this application. It is built on PHP and MySQL.

It’s Easy Too

WordPress is very easy to install. You can easily install it in less then 5 minutes. Many hosting compan offer “One Click Install” option for wordpress.

User Friendly – Good For Training Clients

WordPress is very user friendly. WordPress offers easy to navigate administrative menu. Even a newbie can easily publish posts and pages, edit or update existing content. Isn’t it? Just give it a try, it helps me train clients on how to use the system if needs be.

Google Like It

WordPress is very Search Engine friendly. The clean code, permalink structure and easy linking in wordpress attracts Google and other search engines.

Thousands of Design Options

WordPress has a large collection of themes. You can choose any theme from wordpress theme directory and sure for free. As it is open source, you may modify the theme to get the exact look you want.

On-Going Functionality Changes

WordPress allows you to add extra functionality to your wordpress powered blog. WordPress has also a large collection of Plugins. You can use any plugin from wordpress plugin from wordpress plugin directory for free.

It’s Well Supported

WordPress has a large support and development community. So whenever you face any problem, just go to the wordpress forum and get your problem solved.

Do you use wordpress? If so, why? Share your thoughts!

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