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5 Reasons To Have A Mobile Optimised Website

You are probably well aware that your website needs to be optimised for mobiles, but why exactly is this? Well, if your website isn’t mobile friendly it can result in a massive drop of conversions and a much higher bounce rate. The mobile market is constantly increasing and users are now becoming more and more comfortable in purchasing products off of their phones or tablets with their increased security.

Here are 5 reasons that your website, no matter what type of business you are, absolutely must be mobile friendly…

  1. Mobile Gets Traffic Now

Times are changing, one quarter of every search is done via a mobile device, that’s a massive percentage! Billions of worldwide users are going about their everyday tasks whilst on the move, so why wouldn’t you want to tap in to that market?

Google also made itself clear with the Hummingbird update which was announced on the 30th August, 2013 that websites that aren’t mobile optimised will suffer.

  1. Mobile Users Act Differently

On a mobile people tend to want information quickly and in small easy to read sections, you need to match a visitors needs and behaviours with your site. Having constantly scroll side to side in order to read an article will put a mobile user off, with a website that resizes to fit on your mobile screen it makes the information easier to read and understand.

  1. It Will Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Content that looks good on your desktop can often be unreadable on a mobile device if your website isn’t optimised well. Visitors will not stay on your site for a long period of time and will leave to seek their answers elsewhere, this will massively increase your sites overall bounce rate which is seen as a negative in terms of Google ranking your site.

  1. Conversion Rate Optimisation

Having a site that is mobile optimised will increase your overall conversions, 80 percent of shoppers that use a mobile to purchase something admit that it is an impulse driven buy. If you can’t however maintain that user by having a difficult site to navigate on a mobile device or the Call To Actions aren’t positioned right then you will lose that conversion.

  1. Better Engagement & Brand Building

Word of mouth travels, people like your brand more if they have a satisfying mobile experience so obviously they are more likely to tell their friends and family about their experience. Having a website that is hard to navigate on mobiles will also put users off of visiting your brand even on a desktop computer if it comes up in search as they associate your website with being hard to navigate, this can cause you to lose a customer to a competitor permanently.