Accelerated Mobile Pages

WordPress & Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages are the new SEO “hype”, and it’s easy to implement, but there’s literally nothing easier than implementing it on WordPress and there is no reason that everyone running a WordPress website shouldn’t have it.

What AMP does is literally as the name describes, it makes your website a lot faster on mobile devices, so why wouldn’t you give your user that better experience. On top of that Google are constantly trying to push mobile user experience with Mobilgeddon (Mobile Algorithm updates).

Implementing this on WordPress is so simple. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to your admin section

Step 2: Hover over plugins and click “add new”

Step 3: Type AMP in the search box, the first one that came up that I used is AMP 0.3.3 which instantly makes your website have accelerated mobile pages.

Once that is done you can ensure that it is working by going to one of your blog post pages for example the last one I wrote:

and typing amp after the URL so you get a page like this which displays how it would be seen on mobile.

You will also find that if you go your blog page and go to “page source” you will see a reference to your AMP page so Google can pick it up like so.

amp page reference

It’s literally that easy.

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