RankBrain: Google’s New Toy

No job at Google is safe! Well maybe that’s an over exaggeration to say the least, but Google have flaunted their new RankBrain a data gathering machine which is set to raise a whole lot of eyebrows. Processing a very large fraction of everyday search results the RankBrain is Googles machine artificial intelligence robot that not only just sucks up data it also sees patterns and acts upon them.

The objective of RankBrain is to take search queries, interpret what you’re actually searching for and figure out how to submit your request in a much better way. Typically what this means is it’s going to be able to further personalise and understand the results it is serving you, for example if you are searching for a famous person then it understands that your wanting to see their social profile or learn more about them perhaps, as opposed to serving up irrelevant articles that they may have been mentioned in on higher authority websites.

RankBrain will understand a string of descriptive words that you put together and server you with an appropriate result such as if you were to describe a black chair with leather seats, it would server you the Ikea chair you were looking at, maybe not that specific but you catch my drift. The AI is continually pulling search results and combines it with historic search results to provide you with a better experience.

Will This Effect SEO?

Of course it will, although it began rolling out months ago and there hasn’t been any serious effect on search it will continue to grow as time goes on. It will likely improve local search and small business search significantly, but not much is known about what really makes it tick, so it’s up to people to really understand how it is effecting rankings and click through rates.

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