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Low Cost Holidays: How Not To Go Into Administration

So as most of you may be aware the company Low Cost Holidays went into administration around about July 2016. This also included there other businesses such as lowcostbeds.com, lowcostaviation.com and lowcosttravelgroup.com. The thing is, Low Cost Holidays where a purely online holiday selling people flights, hotels and just about any holiday extra you can think of, and I don’t know any of the details as to why they went into administration but they did.

When they announced that they where going into administration they put up an explanation page on their homepages and binned off every other page on their website. If you go on the Low Cost Holidays site you can see it (03/09/16).

Low Cost Holidays Administration

Now, let’s just think about how ridiculous this is, a purely online company have literally just destroyed their number one asset. In the below graph you can see the search visibility of the low cost holiday domain, and it completely tanks.

low cost holidays search visibility

I’m not saying that the person who buys this won’t be able to revive at least some of the visibility, because they will, however it’s unlikely to rise to the stage it was at previously and that’s going to harm the price that someone will buy the website for. It seems ridiculous that they’d do such a thing.

I have no access to what the website was bringing in terms of revenue to the company but there was a way that they could have maintained their visibility and sale value. Simply maintain all of the sites pages as they currently are, remove the booking engine and show a disclaimer or pop up explaining the situation as opposed to having a mass culling of the site.

Sadly Low Cost Holidays aren’t the only ones to fall victim to this, the same happened to Comet (although they weren’t only online).

comet administration

I’m sure this has happened to many other large companies too so for the love of god, go into administration the right way, and maintain the value of your site so you can at least cancel off a larger chunk of the debt you owe. Just because it’s an online footprint doesn’t mean it isn’t worth anything.

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