Keyword Shitter Pro Review

Keyword Shitter Pro: Long Tail Keyword Tool Review

Well ever since I wrote a post about Keyword Shitter I’ve been pestered for months on Twitter by their team to post a review on the new “Pro”… yet free still, version of the tool.

Well I’m sorry Keyword Shitter Pro, I’m not a massive fan of your tool! The reason being is that I think other tools do it better. In this “Pro” addition they’ve added a few features from their original tool which is great. Here are a few of the advanced features they have added:

    Great additions to use different search engines like Bing, Yahoo and even Google Images
    You can change country and languages which makes it more targetted
    Alter for questions, prepositions, alphabet & numbers

It’s okay in essence and the features they have added are good, but it’s now just the same as other keyword research tools, and there’s nothing special about it anymore. Keyword Shitter had the novelty of literally just click and go, it was brilliant to quickly get an idea of the search landscape, making the pro version has made it more complex and just like other tools out there and unfortunately they are better….

    Keyword Shitter – The original one is great! It doesn’t over complicate things and it’s a lot quicker to get going and to do long tail keyword research on a mass.


    Uber Suggest – This is an old one but still great, they’ve upgraded the UI recently and it looks fantastic. If you haven’t visited it in a while, give it a go!


    Answer The Public – A recent tool I found and it’s great, more based upon writing long tail content which is perfect, it uses all the “why”, “how”, etc, additions to your keyword in order to provide long tail questions.


    Keyword – This allows you to do keyword research for other platforms such as Youtube, Bing, Amazon and the App Store which is fantastic to get a different perspective of how people search on different platforms.

All in all to sum it up, mixed opinions, I don’t think it’s anything to shout off the rooftops about. Oh and just a tip keyword shitter team, why move the URL to Pro? Stick it on the same URL and have a “Pro” menu button or something at the top, then it keeps the weight that the keyword shitter domain has built up from links that decent SEO sites have given.

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