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FREE Must Have SEO Chrome & Firefox Plugins

If you are in the SEO industry or are just looking to optimise your site it’s all about the tools, and there are some really amazing tools out there, we’ve even built a portfolio to give you some examples. There are however more tools you can utilise which are free and in the form of Chrome & Firefox Plugins which are available to everyone. Through working in the SEO industry for years I have come across several useful plugins for a variety of different tasks, to help you out here is a shortlist of some of the best.

BuiltWith Technology Profiler (Chrome & Firefox)

This tool is a website profiler that helps you determine what the website is built with giving a variety of sever information, CMS, the functions and more! It’s perfect for finding out more about sites you like or want to further look into.

Check My Links (Chrome & Firefox)

Meant primarily for Developers the check my links is extremely useful for a search executive. When editing a page or looking at a page you can immediately highlight all the links and do an overall count which gives you the ability to diagnose if there are more than the recommended 100 URLs per page guideline.

Copy All URLs (Chrome & Firefox)

Copy all of the URLs on an open tab into an excel document with a click of a button. This can be extremely useful if you want to find or look at specific meta data for key pages which are in the menus, or for whatever other reason you would need the URLs of just a single page.

Google Analytics Debugger (Chrome)

Simply says what it does in the title, the Google Analytics Debugger means that you can debug specific analytics issues on various pages of your website, such as if traffic is coming through incorrectly through a different source.

Fat Rank (Chrome)

This is an awesome tool to see what the page you are on could potentially be ranking for. Rather than running a complete ranking test you can simply see if it is ranking for some of the key words in the content or title, great for seeing how far you are up in the rankings immediately after you fetch a page.

Linkclump (Chrome & Opera)

Again another link pull for grabbing a page worth of links, this ones simple with a click of the button you can export all of the links to an excel doc. The difference is that you can select as much as you drag with your mouse, snapping only the links you require.

META SEO Inspector (Chrome)

This tool gives you a description of everything on the page including Meta tags, warning and all the scrips that are running an helps you forge and idea of what you need to improve upon. Essentially it pulls all the data you need from the page source into an easily read tool.

MozBar (Chrome & Firefox)

Only really useful if you have premium Moz, although the free version gives you some information so it may help. It gives you the domain authority, a quick link analysis and some other cool information

SEOQuake (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera & iTunes App)

Some parts of the tool are a bit out dated but it can still be very useful, in the SERPs you can see Page Rank, Index, Yahoo Links, Yahoo link domain, Bing Index, Alexa Rank, Webarchive age, Delicious Index, WhoIs Link, Page Source, SEMRush Rank and No Follow link count.

Redirect Path (Chrome)

I use this tool all the time, it’s extremely simple and a must have. It tells you the status code of the page you are on including the redirect chain it has followed to get there. It also gives you other HTTP headers such as server types, caching headers and server IP addresses.

User-Agent Switcher For Chrome (Chrome Only)

I use this tool literally all the time, when checking rankings and diagnosing sites you can switch to another device view. This gives you the option to diagnose on essentially different devices and also check rankings in both mobile & desktop.

Web Scraper (Chrome)

Tool that can extract data from web pages which can be very useful. It scrapes multiple pages, stores data on CouchDB, offers multiple data selection types, can extract JS + AJAX, browses scraped data, exports to CSV and can also import and export sitemaps.

Download all of these tools at:

Has this helped at all? If you have any more plugins or ideas that I haven’t mentioned then please feel free to comment below.

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