Top SEO Blogs 2016

Search Engine Optimization is all about keeping up with the latest trends with Google constantly trying to updated and change their algorithm in order to find those websites that don’t stick to the best practice guidelines. Due to this it can be really hard to keep up with the search landscape and what is going on so part of an SEOs job is to read and keep up with the latest news in the industry, it’s essential, it makes the difference between a good and bad SEO.

If you want to keep up with the latest news then here are some of the top sites I have collated over my years of working in the SEO industry:

  • – A great blog that covers pretty much everything from copyrighting to useful SEO tools.
  • – A mostly Google Analytics / Conversion based blog, great for those a bit more technical.
  • – They do try cross sell their platform which is a bit of a pain but it’s still a great blog that covers a host of topics.
  • – Another useful Analtyics based blog (as you can probably tell by the name).
  • – This guy literally knows everything about Google Tag Manager, if you have a query about GTM type it in to Google i’m 99% sure Simo will show up with an answer.
  • – Interesting blog by a top SEO freelancer, a mixed array of content like SEO, PPC, Social Media and sometimes the odd blog about the music he likes…. that aside, great guy and always an interesting read.
  • – More of just an interesting one as opposed to keeping up with the industry, some great tests run on here that really gets you thinking. If you need inspiration, this may help.
  • – It’s not actually written by a blind five year old, a great blog about a range of topics yet again, long detailed posts, you need a few hours set aside for this one.
  • – Not so much news but it offers an interesting train of thought as to what Google are doing and what is happening in the search space.
  • – Everyone knows Search Engine Land, well near enough, one of the old kids on the block it’s been around for some time but still offers great up to date content and they are often the first to announce updates.

There are reasons I don’t include other sites but if you have any suggestions of anything that should be in the list then by all means feel free to throw them in the comments and i’ll be sure to add them if I think they are good enough.

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