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6 Steps to Writing SEO-Friendly Content

When you’re writing SEO content, keep your ultimate objective in mind: to improve rankings and the overall visibility of your website. Focus on these 6 key points when creating content that’s not only informative and compelling, but SEO-friendly as well.

1. Delve into keyword research. Study what keywords are driving the most traffic for the topic you’re writing about and incorporate those keywords where appropriate.

2. Keep tone in mind while you’re writing. Speak specifically to your target audience by using the proper voice. Be sure to determine the most effective tone to reach your audience before you begin writing.

3. Remember that high traffic keywords are important to incorporate into your content, but don’t overdo it – this leads to ugly, spammy content. The audience you’re trying to reach won’t like it and neither will the search engines. Strike a balance between including enough relevant keywords to rank well, and completely saturating your content with keywords, a questionable tactic known as ‘keyword stuffing’ (proven to be an ineffective SEO strategy and worthy of a Google Panda penalty). It’s best to err on the side of readability.

4. Always end with a call to action. The whole idea is to engage your target audience. You’ve given them a bunch of useful information, so give them something to do with it!

5. Try keep your content over 300 words if possible, although if the content is useful to your audience this isn’t the most important point.

6. Which leads me on to my next point, is it actually something that your users want to read? Will they find it useful and will it fulfill it’s initial purpose? It’s great to have someone else give it a quick read over to ensure that it meets this criteria.

By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to writing a piece of content that both your audience and the search engines will appreciate.

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