Are No-Followed Links Still Valuable?

Are No-Followed Links Still Valuable?

A common question I get asked / hear about is along the lines of are no-followed link still worth trying to get? Will it help in any way? Is there anyway to override the no-follow to make it do-follow? There is quite a simple answer to this but you can approach it in two manors, from an SEO perspective and from a general web perspective.

In Terms of SEO
Nofollow links are good in terms of diversifying the inbound links portfolio, but their direct impact to rankings is minimal to none. It can however be useful in helping Google discover pages new pages and it may past some sort of trust to your domain if you are no followed from quality sites.

Keep in mind that a very, very small % of the web’s links are nofollowed. So if all your links are dofollow, I don’t think it will look strange to search engines. If all your links are nofollow, then you’ll have very little authority to search engines, unless you have great content you won’t unfortunately be very visible.

None SEO Related
Don’t deny yourself a good link just because it’s no follow, some no follow links are often the best in terms of getting leads for whatever it may be, take for instance listings on sites like Yell and Yelp, there no follow but can often lead to sales.

You need to diversify your link profile anyway, so to round this quick post up, no follow links although they don’t add the best SEO value are still important.

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