Penguin 4.0 Announce: Real Time Link Penalties Incoming

Are you ready to constantly be living in fear of Penguin? The time has finally come, Google released the dreaded link targeting algorithm earlier this morning.

I posted that they planned to release this update and make it real time way back when, you can read it here.

I’ve not seen many effects to SERPs as yet, but it’s real time, so it’s likely that the roll out will start with small search volume results in order to test the impact and see if it has the desired effect Google want. I’m sure further testing will be done and we will eventually see some drops as a cause but my initial feeling is that it won’t cause as volatile SERPs as normal Penguin updates as that was almost like “mass” penalties, sites will now be punished in more drips and drabs.

Two points of note that are different for this update in comparison to the last:

Real Time: Your site can be penalised at any point by this update, meaning you need to keep on top of your link profile far more regularly now than ever before.

More Granular: It won’t just target your full site (in general anyway), it aims to target on an individual page basis, so if you get spammy links to certain pages on your site then it could result in just that page receiving a punishment.

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