Google Penguin In Real Time

Google Penguin In Real Time?

Brace yourself “winter is coming”, Googles Gary Illyes has announced that the real-time Penguin update can be expected in the next few months. Google Penguin, despite its name is one of the fiercest Major Algorithm updates that affect your website based upon the bad links which you may have attracted. Now this update should give you even more incentive to get on that disavow tool and repair the damage if you’ve previously been hit.

What Will Change?

Well with it moving to a “Real Time” update it should hopefully be good news for those previously penalised by the warm blooded aquatic creature.

Essentially what it should do is as soon as someone discovers negative links and removes it or submits a disavow file then it will be processed almost instantly meaning your site can recover even quicker.

Unfortunately however, it also could mean that you end up with a penalty that bit quicker. Penguin will be on going so as soon as it picks up a negative link it could feasibly penalise you almost instantaneously. This means you need to be even more vigilant and keeping a regular eye on your link profile using Majestic, OSE, Ahrefs, WMT or whatever is available to yourself.

Disavow Tool – Use It, It Works

Some people are still scared of using the disavow tool believe it or not, believing that it doesn’t really have a positive effect and Google just maintain the domains for their own cruel records. This simply isn’t true, the disavow tool has positive effects and is one of the quickest ways to get a site back into the SERPs.

The only thing that people don’t take into consideration is you need to be careful; your traffic will never restore to its previous high unless you build good links back or come up with an idea to help counteract the loss of links. To remove hundreds of domains pointing to your site can of course have a negative effect in itself whether you have been hit by Penguin or not, so you need to take this into consideration and build a campaign around trying to counteract your disavow.

That being said if you don’t do it, you simply won’t recover or it will take a very significant amount of time.

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