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I Stole Content, Good Content, Free Content

I know this isn’t the kind of thing that I should admit but I felt it was a great idea and would be worthwhile sharing with my audience, all be it quite a black hat and dodgy way. Intrigued? Well I wouldn’t say I stole content I just recycled it. In the past two months the content I have been posting was not all written by myself. Well I know how bad that sounds but stay with me!

Right, so I had an idea one day and decided it was worth putting in motion to see if it was actionable. I wanted to find old SEO / Digital Marketing blogs that used to be live but no longer are and the content isn’t published anywhere else. I’ll go through step by step what I did.

Step 1: Find long lists of blogs online by searching terms such as “Top SEO Blogs of 2013” for example, keep collating the list as long as you possible can.

Step 2: Run your list through screamingfrog, try a standard http protocol as typically they will have redirects set up, this is to make the manual work minimal.

Step 3: Those that come back as error pages 400s or 500s you will have to manually check if they are live.

Step 4: Once you have your list, use Archive.org to find old copies of the website.

Step 5: Find some content that you like from these websites, be as picky as you like, but Google a paragraph and ensure it isn’t hosted elsewhere.

Step 6: Host this on your site as long as it’s relevant, good and doesn’t show as duplicated in major search engines.

And that’s it, free content! It works better for industries like Travel or Motoring as the content is more general and can be recycled, I found it quite hard with Digital Marketing as of course the nature is that it’s always changing. Best of luck in finding your content :).

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