conversion rate optimization tips

5 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

You’ve managed to fight your way into getting thousands of visits to your websites with users who are interested in your company and your product the problem is, you aren’t making any money out of it. There’s a word you may be familiar with, conversion rate optimisation often referred to as CRO, there may be a few reasons that people are visiting your site and not purchasing your product and each site has its own individual problems.

Working in an agency and being a regular user tester has helped me decide upon the most regularly occurring issues that hamper conversions. That in mind here are my 5 conversion rate optimization tips:

  1. Always Have A Call To Action

No matter where you scroll on your site or what page you visit there should be some form of call to action. I see so many parallax sites that the top call to action doesn’t follow you as you scroll which is a sin in itself. You need to make sure there is some reminder of how to contact the website or buy a product on every page so users are always reminded of how they can convert. You need to make the journey to a conversion as easy as possible, not hard.

  1. A Fast Site Is A Converting Site

It’s been proved that bounce rate directly correlates with the seconds it takes to load so you want to make your site as quick as possible to maintain users. I’m a large advocator of site speeds and conversion correlations; I’ve even done a post on how to speed up your WordPress site, which you can find here.

You can test your site speed and get a score with suggestions on how to improve upon the results by using Google Page Speed Insights tool.

  1. Trust Signals

To purchase something from your website people have to trust your brand, your website needs to look clean cut and professional, nothing kills a conversion like a crappy site. Good trust signals are also using customer reviews, implementing customer review ratings and highlighting some rewards that you have had in the past.

  1. Important To Stay Above The Fold

Above the fold means when someone first loads your website what they can see without scrolling. First impressions count, you need to make it very clear what your brand are, what you do and why they should buy from you, or they won’t be interested in navigating further throughout your site. It’s true first impressions mean a lot, so make sure you sell to them in seconds.

  1. Fix Basic Issues

Another conversion killer is basic website issues, particularly 404s. This can range to a variety of different things though; spelling errors in content, incorrect redirects, broken images are just a few of the things that send negative trust signals to the user. Make sure your website at least has the basics of SEO right or this could be a major conversion killer.