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Search Engine Optimization is all about keeping up with the latest trends with Google constantly trying to updated and change their algorithm in order to find those websites that don’t stick to the best practice guidelines. Due to this it can be really hard to keep up with the search landscape and what is going […]

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How Important Is It To Keep Your Website Up To Date?
How Important Is It To Keep My Website Up To Date

Keeping your website up to date is important for a few different reasons, you’ll often hear SEO’s tell you that it can help improve your rankings or something along those lines, although this is true I think there are other reasons you should keep your site updated which are perhaps more important. In my opinion […]

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FREE Must Have SEO Chrome & Firefox Plugins
FREE SEO Plugins

If you are in the SEO industry or are just looking to optimise your site it’s all about the tools, and there are some really amazing tools out there, we’ve even built a portfolio to give you some examples. There are however more tools you can utilise which are free and in the form of […]

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Understanding Major Google Updates
Major Google Updates

As part of my SEO for beginner’s posts I thought it would be useful to in tandem with the Google Algorithm Timeline also describe what some of the major updates released by Google are and how they can affect your website. Google regularly runs updates, most of them are just basic, small, maintenance based updates… […]

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SEO For Beginners: Quickly Index Pages | Digimush
Google Page Index

This is something every SEO should know, the fastest way for your pages to appear in Google SERPs, and it’s a real shock to me when people don’t know this “trick” exists. Well, I say trick in the loosest form of the word, Google literally put it right in front of your faces! You’ve created […]

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SEO For Beginners: Creating The Perfect Webpage
SEO for Beginners

Search engine optimisation is an extremely large world, there are several blogs out there you can read that will help you achieve more visits to your website, but a lot of it is quite in depth and daunting for someone just after the basics. This post contains all the information on how to create the […]

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