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Penguin 4.0 Announce: Real Time Link Penalties Incoming

Are you ready to constantly be living in fear of Penguin? The time has finally come, Google released the dreaded link targeting algorithm earlier this morning. I posted that they planned to release this update and make it real time way back when, you can read it here. I’ve not seen many effects to SERPs as yet, but it’s real time, so it’s likely that the roll out will start with small search volume results …

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How Much Content Per Page For SEO

How Much Content Per Page For SEO? The Age Old Question

Everyone in the SEO industry knows that a well written and unique article is what’s required to achieve top rankings as well as several other factors of course. It only took a few releases of Google Panda for all those evergreen content posts to start rolling in, but how much content should you write per page and how much actual effect does it have on your rankings? My thoughts? It really depends on the SERP, …

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5 Ways To Secure A WordPress Site

5 Ways To Secure A WordPress Site

Security is important with the ever present hackers and WordPress sites have become frequently targeted. Unfortunately WordPress sites don’t tend to be as effective at resisting hack attempts as custom CMS’s, perhaps it’s only flaw. That being said however there are safety precautions you can take yourself in order to prevent hackers from gaining access to your site. Here are the top 5 ways to secure a WordPress site:

The Wayback Machine Revamp

The Wayback Machine Revamped

The Wayback Machine ( is a fantastic site that serves a purpose like none other; it allows you to go back in time much like the name suggests and visit old versions of websites or specific webpages. This is extremely helpful if someone has made changes and you are unaware, there has been several times where it has helped me diagnose ranking drops or other site issue and it’s always there in your time of …

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Google Penguin In Real Time

Google Penguin In Real Time?

Brace yourself “winter is coming”, Googles Gary Illyes has announced that the real-time Penguin update can be expected in the next few months. Google Penguin, despite its name is one of the fiercest Major Algorithm updates that affect your website based upon the bad links which you may have attracted. Now this update should give you even more incentive to get on that disavow tool and repair the damage if you’ve previously been hit.