Are you ready to constantly be living in fear of Penguin? The time has finally come, Google released the dreaded link targeting algorithm earlier this morning. I posted that they planned to release this update and make it real time way back when, you can read it here. I’ve not seen many effects to SERPs as yet, but it’s real time, so it’s likely that the roll out will start with small search volume results
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Accelerated Mobile Pages
Accelerated Mobile Pages are the new SEO “hype”, and it’s easy to implement, but there’s literally nothing easier than implementing it on WordPress and there is no reason that everyone running a WordPress website shouldn’t have it. What AMP does is literally as the name describes, it makes your website a lot faster on mobile devices, so why wouldn’t you give your user that better experience. On top of that Google are constantly trying to
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low cost holidays
So as most of you may be aware the company Low Cost Holidays went into administration around about July 2016. This also included there other businesses such as, and The thing is, Low Cost Holidays where a purely online holiday selling people flights, hotels and just about any holiday extra you can think of, and I don’t know any of the details as to why they went into administration but they did.
Keyword Shitter Pro Review
Well ever since I wrote a post about Keyword Shitter I’ve been pestered for months on Twitter by their team to post a review on the new “Pro”… yet free still, version of the tool. Well I’m sorry Keyword Shitter Pro, I’m not a massive fan of your tool! The reason being is that I think other tools do it better. In this “Pro” addition they’ve added a few features from their original tool which
I stole content
I know this isn’t the kind of thing that I should admit but I felt it was a great idea and would be worthwhile sharing with my audience, all be it quite a black hat and dodgy way. Intrigued? Well I wouldn’t say I stole content I just recycled it. In the past two months the content I have been posting was not all written by myself. Well I know how bad that sounds but