Nofollow Links
If you want to use an effective tactic to increase your ranking and build up your rankings in Google, you need to have backlinks of external websites that link to your site. These backlinks will benefit you by increasing your website’s authority and signaling to Google that other websites are seeing your page and that it contains content relevant to specific queries. Google constantly shifts rankings for any specific query as the algorithm for rankings
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Dropshipping Trend
Dropshipping today has reached its popularity peak according to google trends. As you can see the search term “dropshipping” was going upwards since 2015. Does that mean that dropshipping is too saturated and it’s not worth to jump in now? Absolutely not. There is still room for a lot of stores and ideas. You just have to do that differently, you need to put in more work. Dropshipping will never die, it’s a business model.
Monetize your blog
If you have managed to build a great blog with some awesome traffic, then the possibilities to monetize your blog can be limitless. If you are really looking at building your blog for profit, then it is important to understand that rushing things up might not help. Almost all full time bloggers (who use their blog to earn a living), have been regularly blogging for at least three years now. It takes time to build
What is TikTok? You may not have even heard of TikTok, but that is about to change. This new social media app is taking the online world by storm and is seeing phenomenal growth. It’s reportedly already up to 800 million users a month and is seeing a number of key Instagram influencers move over to the platform, lured by the huge potential of an emerging Asian and international online market . is dead,
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Switch To HTTPS
Sorry for not posting in a while, I’ve been really busy! But here goes…. I’ve just switched to HTTPS the second of my own sites that I’ve made the switch with. Often a lot of people make a big deal about how hard it is and the potential issues with doing so, but with WordPress it really isn’t and if you don’t want to fork up the £30-50 a year for the certificate, you don’t